Nail the Look: Meghan Markle's Princess Manicure



If you want to look like a Royal, a subtle clean manicure is tradition. The Queen’s nail polish policy favor’s translucent natural-looking nail shades, which means bright colors are a big no-no in the palace. For the royal wedding, and events after, Meghan Markle has been opting for neutral pink-y beige shades for her manicure. The subtle shade is within the neutral-nail color spectrum allowed for royal family members.

Bare looking nails are signature to all royals, with Kate Middleton often wearing a sheer nude shade with her nails filed square. Royals always required to have groomed, neat nails at all times…going polish-free just seems like an easier option.

Quite often Middleton skips out on nail polish altogether, Markle however has been spotted wearing a delicate pink manicure in all public appearances. The Bluesky 80608 NAKED NAIVETE UV/LED Soak Off Gel Nail Polish is perfect shade for that neutral, bare-looking pink hued nails.

To keep up with royal protocol, go for short filed nails for a clean look. If you want the perfect duchess manicure, there's no room for chipped nail polish! Stick with a fresh gel polish that will last for 14 days with a high-gloss shine.

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